Ardan Nights

About Us

Ardan Nights consists of fans of JRR Tolkien’s works. We all have our individual strengths and weaknesses, it is the idea of Ardan Nights to combine these strengths to create Arda and Middle-earth by building modules using the tools and possibilities provided by Bioware in Neverwinter Nights.

These modules are proposed by the members of Ardan Nights and can be single-player or multi-player depending on what the proposer has in mind. The modules can be of any setting, ie location and time. The proposal is made to The Council and upon approval the proposer may recruit from the different groups, those he/she needs to create the module.

However it is the larger vision of Ardan Nights to create a persistant Middle-earth. Numerous modules set in different areas will be linked together to create this Middle-earth.

At the moment, we are working on changing the ruleset of Neverwinter Nights, to better reflect Tolkien’s works. To this end we have changed the races and classes, we have done away with the D&D magic system and replaced it with a system of Songs. We are also working on our first module which is set in the Breelands. Work is well underway on this, and we expect to be able to launch it later in the Summer. BETA testing is taking place right now.

Most of the information is only available to members. Becoming a member is simply a matter of registering on the boards and filling out the application form at this page. It will be quickly looked over and unless there is a major problem, you will be approved within three days. If there is a problem, then we will get in contact with you. Once you have gained membership, you will have full access to the site and boards. You will also be included in the mailing list where Newsletters are sent round on a regular basis. You can create a character to play on our test server and you will be granted access to that server.

Please take the time to read through our Frequently Asked Questions. In them you should be able to find out much more about the exciting world of Ardan Nights.