Ardan Nights

Important!! Big Changes — A New Dawn

Well for those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the discussion in the Hall of Fire, it was recently decided that Ardan Nights needed a bit of a shake up. To do this, a restructuring of the project and a shift in focus was suggested and agreed to.

These changes have now begun, with perhaps the most drastic change so far being with the message boards. The old ones will be closed completely in two weeks, for the time being they are just locked. There are new forums to replace the old and if you wish to carry forward any old topics, now is the time to tell me.

Another major change is that the PW is no longer the central goal for AN, rather the provision of resources for our members to create modules with is. Bree-land will be online, as soon as I can get it back to a playable state.

The final big change is that a smaller group will be concentrating on development of these resources, on a tighter schedule. There is also a GM group and another group to look after administrative and support tasks. But that is it. For more information, please visit this announcement on the message boards.