Ardan Nights

Bradhar Elected!

As the newly elected Council Representative of HotP, Bradhar had this to say:

“Fellow Ardans. It is with mixed feelings I come before you today. When I gaze out over the boards I feel humbled and very proud of the acomplishments made by us and the ones who came before us. And when I go to look upon the posts by our forfathers, seeing the dreams and hopes held within their words, a great feeling of curiosity of what is to come and eagerness to continue their work washes over me. We all have a responsability to see to it that all of our progress is not squandered or forgotten. We are coming close to seeing this project, this dream, being realised. And I say, it is our duty to see this through!

It is not, however, without a measure of sadness that I accept the charge of guiding House of the Pillar towards the future. Paedrigh is, and will forever be, an important part of our ranks and he will be sorely missed. But we must not let ourselves dwell upon the ones that has left us, they are far too many and the longing would be too great to bear. We must instead look back without regret and feel truly blessed by the time we had with them and look forward to seeing them again someday, we surely will.

So dear friends, please join me in making a place we can all feel proud of. Open up your hearts to the ones who will take our place on day. Tell them of our mistakes and then let them make them for themselves. Teach them the things that was passed on by our forfathers. And above all, let them be your teacher too. Let them help us to build tomorrow. To build a dream.”