Ardan Nights

Clarification about PW and Bree-land

After a query made by Etarnon on the message boards, it was clear that I needed to clarify the status of the PW and Bree-land.

The PW is not dead. It is just not what the core development team of AN will be concentrating on. What that team will be working on will benefit the PW greatly, but AN should no longer be equated with just a PW project.

At the moment I am stripping Bree-land fairly bare of all additions that we made to NWN. Whilst a very drastic measure, it is one that I feel needed to be done. The areas themselves remain intact. It will be back online as soon as possible.

As for future development of the PW and Bree-land, that is up to the members of AN themselves. Those interested in continuing to create a PW, should start a discussion on the boards.