Ardan Nights

Status Check

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t noticed, the project has been extremely quiet over the last several months. I wish I could say this is because there have been top secret activities on going, but that simply isn’t the truth. Ardan Nights is in limbo with nothing happening.

However, if you wish to continue the work or start from scratch, then please, get stuck into the forums. I’ll do my best to answer people’s questions and help in what limited way I can. I wish only to be a caretaker of the site.

Speaking of which, the Breeland server is offline, not sure how long it’s been off. It needed to be updated in any case. For the time being, it’s remaining offline. Better news however is that the IRC server is back online and those who have been waiting to be added as members have been added tonight.

Here’s hoping to new blood and new activity.