Ardan Nights

Ardan Nights Module Version 1.3, available now!

You will need to download the Ardan Night Package version 1.2, if you have not already, here plus the new an_override hak.

For full instructions on how to prepare to playtest the Bree module, click here.

Here’s the list of the changes from version 1.2:

-Some song targetting problems are now fixed. (The Travelling Song for example, and a few others)
-There are now restrictions when leveling up. You will need to meet the prestige class prerequisites before taking a level in that class. Sorry.
-Song lyrics can now be seen by everybody. There is now also the Bard Music Visual effect over the head of the singer, for the duration of the song.
-Spell tables for Rangers, Loremasters, Scholars and Generalists have been altered.
-NPC’s, like guards or commoners, now wear our custom items.
-Wild animals and farm animals should now drop food, leather or bones when killed.
-Most cows now gives milk, after being fed. Chickens now gives eggs, based on the same principle. Animals that belong to NPC’s might not produce any
food though.
-Most areas are now filled up with trees, plants, and rocks that support our crafting system. You can cut wood, mine rocks, and use your herbal lore skill on plants to get rare herbs or flowers.
-Rangers are now able to use their warcries and songs.
-A new wooden throne model has been added. The Falconer’s Inn in Bree already bought one. Rumours has it that Nicho Butterbur is looking for one too.
-The language system has been implemented. 9 languages have been added. Every language has its own feat. Elves and dwarves get their default language feat at first level. Unfortunately, characters that have been created before version 1.3 do not get the languages feats for free at level 1.
-Elves and Dunedain now have XP Penalty. It is 50% for elves, and 25% for Dunedain.
-4 new spells have been added.
-Several new areas have been added. The Greenway south of Bree, the Great East Road, and the Midgewater Marshes are the areas that have received a new facelift.
-Some transitions between areas have been fixed. Most of them were between the South Downs and the Great East Road. Some were also in the area of The Chetwood and near the Midgewater Marshes.
-Several new stores have been added in Bree North and Bree South. Also, Archet is not a ghost town anymore; houses have been added.
-Health regeneration now works perfectly in Inns.
-You will now be able to rest at the same time than your party members.
-Short swords, short bows, and handaxes do not require the Martial Weapon Proficiency anymore, but the Simple Weapon Proficieny feat. Every class should be able to use them at first level.
-The flawed leather armour now gives a protection of AC 1, instead of AC 0. It won’t affect armours already possessed by players however.
-Farmer Fuster in Bree North is not shouting anymore, due to many death threats. We would like to say sorry to all players on that one.
-New factions for every NPC’s or animals.
-Some poker players have been seen walking around the many Inns of Bree. You migh want to check that out.
-You can now rent a room at Inns that offer them, like the Prancing Pony. You cannot rest in an Inn without buying a room first. After buying one, you will need to use a bed of course.
-Most farming fields you see can now be harvested. To use our farming system, start by buying some seeds at the Bree warehouse, then plant them on a field. Soon you should have plants that grow. To take care of your fields, you can buy, or craft, a farmer’s shovel, and use it on the field.
-For DM’s: The DMFI wand now take in consideration our new custom skills, and our XP Penalty system.